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Historical minutes

The collection of the Historical Minutes of the Central Bank comprises 3.462 minutes from the first one held on December 5, 1925 to those of 1967, where they give account of the foundation of the Central Bank promulgated on August 22, 1925 by Decree of Law No. 486, during the government of Arturo Alessandri Palma.


The Organic Law of the Bank at that time provided that the Board of Directors of the institution be composed of ten members as follows: positions appointed by the Government, by national banks, foreign banks and the shareholder public. The remaining positions were shared jointly by the National Agriculture Society and the Manufacturing Development Company, the Chilean Saltpeter Producers Association and the Central Chamber of Commerce of Chile, as well as the General Board of Directors of the Workers' Federation. At Board meetings, the ten directors elected the Bank's President, Vice President, and General Manager, in addition to making other administrative decisions.


During this period, the Bank's main functions consisted of issuing the circulating money, granting rediscounts to shareholder banks and discounts to the public, although it could also provide credits to the Treasury. Over time, the institution acquired greater monetary policy responsibilities, from matters relating to banknote inconvertibility to the administration of exchange controls and loans to development institutions.

The Minutes of Meetings of the Former Board of Directors of the Central Bank are available in the Digital Repository where they can be red online or downloaded.

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