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Collections in the Digital Repository

Minutes of Monetary Policy Meetings

In accordance with its institutional transparency policy, the Bank makes available to the public the minutes of the Monetary Policy Meetings (RPM) after the ten-year period in which each RPM took place and based on an annual period disclosure criterion, in March of each year.  


Minutes of the Former Board of Directors' Meetings

The Central Bank of Chile makes available to the public the Minutes of meetings of the Former Board of Directors, the Former Executive Committee and of the Board of Governors, as appropriate. The publication of these documents will take place annually every December, disclosing the minutes for 20-year periods, beginning in 2009 with the first 1925-1945 period.



This collection brings together the Annual Reports of the Central Bank of Chile published from 1927 to date, pursuant to the provisions of sections 78 and 79 of the Constitutional Organic Law of the Central Bank of Chile, contained in Section One of Law No. 18,840, in order to inform the Ministry of Finance and the Senate, before April 30 of each year, about the execution of the policies and programs developed during the immediately preceding year.


Monetary Policy

This collection gathers the reports that account for the evolution of inflation and its consequences for the conduct of the country's monetary policy. 


Economic-Financial Legislation

Central Bank publications addressing issues related to the economic-financial legislation and regulations, also compiling the main legal and regulatory bodies that govern the financial system, the capital market, public sector indebtedness, foreign trade and foreign investment.


Central Bank Books

Books published by the Central Bank of Chile on various topics ranging from matters of national economic interest to books on the iconography of the money that has circulated in Chile since 1749 until today.


Balance of Payment

These documents provide detailed information of the results of the Chilean balance of payments, making available figures of the international investment position.


Foreign Trade

These publications provide information on the evolution of foreign trade in export and import goods at the country level. They also describe the situation of the global exchange of goods with the country's main trading partners and present statistics on price, quantity and value of exports of goods incorporated in Chile's balance of payments.


External Debt

Provides statistical background information on the evolution of Chile's external debt.


Money and Banking

Provides statistical information on the operations of the national financial system. It contains information on the following topics: money and quasy-money; deposits and placements of banks and financial companies in national and foreign currency, by sector, term, type of operation and institution; inter-financial deposits and placements in national currency; financial investments; letters of credit obligations, and obligations abroad. It also includes statistics on deposit and placement interest rates, interest rate spread and alternative cost of reserve requirements in the banking system.


Integrated Economic Information 

This collection is composed of publications that reveal the main short-term economic and financial statistics, providing the community with a complete statistical compendium with the main economic series of interest to the Chilean economy. It also publishes time series oriented toward economic research and analysis of the development of the Chilean economy, including the country's main economic and social indicators.


National Accounts

This collection includes a series of publications that present the results of Chile's national accounts, showing the results of the main macroeconomic variables of the Chilean economy. It also contains statistical information about the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), disaggregated by economic activity and by expenditure component, such as investment, household and government consumption, and exports and imports.


Journal Economía Chilena (The Chilean Economy)

The results of research work, preferably carried out at the Bank, on the Chilean economy or topics of importance to it, with significant empirical content and/or of relevance to the conduct of economic policy, are disclosed.



It gathers research works on central banking and the economy in general, with an emphasis on issues and policies relating to the economic management of developing countries.


Historical Books

Brings together a series of historical books on various topics relating to the Chilean economic history and a selection of publications by some of the forerunners of the Chilean economy. All these books are in original format at the Library of the Central Bank of Chile.


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